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Inside W&M Law: Career Services - Speaker view
Law Admissions
Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us tonight! Feel free to send your questions to Law Admissions, and we will pass them along to Laura as they come in.
Ben Lambert
For those of us who do not know as much yet about the legal field, are judicial externships considered a good path to some type of civil litigation? My apologies if we were asked at the beginning not to ask questions in c hat
Law Admissions
If you have an interest in reading more, the blog Dean Ende is referring to is Voices From the Field: https://law.wm.edu/academics/intellectuallife/researchcenters/postconflictjustice/internships/internship-blogs/2021/index.php
Laura Brasier
Hi everyone! Thank you so much again for joining us this evening. Please feel free to send me an email (labrasier@email.wm.edu) if you have any further questions for me as a student or for Dean Ende and I can pass them along!
Mike Ende
Mike Ende mjende@wm.edu
Law Admissions
Thanks for joining us this evening! Please make sure to keep up with William & Mary Law School by connecting with Laura and Dean Ende! If you have more questions for our Admissions Office, you can email Dean Jordan at ljordan@wm.edu or set up a one on one meeting by visiting law.wm.edu/meet.
Matthew McCarty
Thank you so much! This has been a great conversation and I am more excited than ever to send in my application this cycle!!!
Emily Brooks
Thank you all so much!
Sebastian Madrid
Thank you so much for your time! Have a great rest of your night!
Taylor Lucas
Thank you!
Jacqueline Hahn
Thank you both for speaking to us!
Jasmine Cousins
Thank you so much Dean Ende and Laura! Have a good evening.